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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When Wearing Your Coffee Goes Right

I kind of love American Eagle jeans because they are a great quality denim with lots of stretch and are available in long and extra long inseams for taller girls like me.  Earlier this month American Eagle Outfitters released a line of denim made with recycled coffee grounds.  I was intrigued.  I'm all for reducing, reusing and recycling but how do coffee grounds tie into jeans?  Here's what I learned...
The coffee grounds in Denim X Café reduce drying time and contain a natural deodorizing property that absorbs odors which is great because who washes their jeans after every wear?  Not I.  However, they do not make your jeans smell like coffee because they use a process to extract the fragrant elements of the grounds.  Basically, this is the one case when it's totally fine to wear your coffee and come out looking fabulous and not like a total klutz.  
Kick boot
Another benefit of the jeans in this line is that they do double duty keeping your figure and your skin looking its best.  Senior director of design, Helen Kang, said in an interview with Refinery 29 that “The coffee grounds have microscopic pores that reflect UV rays, thereby providing UV protection.”
Coming from a family with a history of skin cancer this is great news.  What's not to love?
The coffee-infused line consists of six styles in the women's collection (there's also a men's line) including jeggings, tomgirl jeans and their kick boot style (one of my favorites).  They won't break the bank at a budget-friendly $49.95 to $54.95 and they're currently having a sale: buy one, get one for 50% off! 
So, although you may not get your morning rush from slipping into a pair of American Eagle Denim X Café jeans, but at least the grounds are being repurposed rather than taking up space in a landfill. 
Originally posted on pinkgreenchick.com.  All photos from ae.com.


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