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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Family Fun

Although the weather still isn't cooperating, the calendar doesn't lie.  We are well into Fall and that means it's time to partake in a little fall fun with the family.  This year I was on a mission to find the perfect harvest festival in the L.A. area since the one at Pierce College shut down.  On list of must-haves were:  a pumpkin patch,a tractor pull, a corn maze, fresh lemonade and roasted corn.  I found all that and more at Forneris Farms in Mission Hills. 

This was our first trip to Forneris Farms.  I've actually lived in the Valley my whole life and never knew this gem existed so I'm really glad I found it.  This place has a lot to offer.  First off, there is plenty of free parking in their two lots.  We got lucky and found parking in the main lot just outside the main entrance.  However, the second lot is a short walk away on a sidewalk lined with beautiful sunflowers (that I missed the opportunity to take pictures of). 

The entrance takes you through a nicely stocked produce stand and on into the harvest festival where you'll find a petting zoo, games, live entertainment, and refreshments in the form of hot dogs, roasted corn on the cob and kettle corn.  Some of the activities do require tickets such as the tractor pull and corn maze.  We paid $15 per person which granted us access to both as well as entrance to the play area which has a jumper, hay pyramid, tetherball and lots of fun things to do that are sure to wear the kiddos out (parents too, I imagine). 

The main attraction for us was the corn maze which kept us busy for over an hour so don't forget your water and sunscreen!  You're given a map upon entering which includes a phone number in case you get lost.  When our sense of direction started to get a little fuzzy at one point I was verrry tempted to use it but we soldiered on and found our way thanks to our fearless leader, Kadir!  Also on the map is a list of names of dinosaurs.  Ten of which are hidden and numbered throughout the maze.  If you can find them all and match the numbers to the names, you're entered into a drawing for $100!

One thing to know before you go is that Forneris Farms accepts cash only.  But if you're so excited to go get there and forget to stop at the bank (like me), there is an ATM on site. 


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