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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Etsy Picks: Birthday Edition

My birthday is just a few weeks away and, yes, I treat it like my own personal national holiday every single year.  It's the one time of year when I allow myself to be super indulgent so all the wish lists I've been making all year long are getting a second look and I'll be deciding what items will make the final cut.  I'm looking at you, Etsy cart.  The one full of stuff I don't really need but really, really want...

First off, it's my birthday and although I'm turning 30-something, I see no reason why I should be required to "adult" on my special day.  The goal is to do as many fun and carefree things I can without any regrets.  This includes, but is not limited to, stuffing my face with sugary treats like these adorable "I cant adult today" mug cookies from The Tailored Cookie.  They come in a pack of six (to share or not to share?) for $36.
Further proof that I am, in many ways, just a girl in a woman suit is my world class level of clumsiness and general lack of grace.  My cell phone can attest to this.  I've dropped it countless times including once into a toilet (not my finest hour).  This is why I've come to rely on the Lifeproof iPhone case.  It's so me-proof that I was able to use it to take underwater videos on our trip to Punta Cana earlier this year.  Yes, it makes my phone a bit bulkier, but it's totally worth it.  I compensate for the extra size with customized Lifeproof cases from Boutique Me ($99).  It's the same Lifeproof protection but with a lot more style.  I've bought one from them for nearly every incarnation of the iPhone I've owned and I love them.  I need a new one for my new phone!
If and when I do decide to adult, coffee will be essential.  However, I'll be forgoing the paper Starbucks cup and instead I'll grab this extra fancy tumbler from Rosie Posie Designs ($18.50). Ignore the fact that it's basically a grown up sippy cup and focus on the glitter (because glitter really does make everything better).  When in doubt I'll be reminded to "put some lipstick on and hustle."


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