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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Today's New Beauty

I really feel like my head is about to explode with all of these companies dropping their Fall and Holiday collections left and right.  I'm trying really hard to keep my money in my pocket but they are making it anything but easy.  Take a look at what's releasing today: 

Maxi Shine Gloss d'Enfer ($30), Maxi Velvet Matte d'Enfer Lipstick ($30)

Meteorites Voyage Enchante ($179.00), Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick ($55)

I've never purchased a single thing from Guerlain but the Winter Fairy Tale collection for the holidays may just change all that.  It is on the higher end and therefore pricier but I can't attest to the performance of the products, personally.  However, I almost don't care what it does- the packaging is STUH-ning!   It's available now at Bergdorf Goodman.

Wrist down: Chilly Chili, Instigator, More Better, Bad Habit, First Class ($6)

I really love Colourpop's Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks.  In my opinion, they perform just as well as a lot of their higher priced counterparts charging more than three times their price and a lot of their colors are similar, if not identical to my favorites.  They launching five new vegan Ultra Matte liquid lipstick colors for Fall this afternoon at 2pm PST.  In addition, they are re-launching Kapow, described as a "muted grey taupe."  I have it and I like it (mind you, I am by no means a MUA nor am I a beauty blogger.  I just love make up and like to share).

I'm hoping they are prepared for the hit their website is about to take because I had a really hard time placing my order during the last launch.  If I can just get my hands on Bad Habit I will be a happy girl but I really want them all.  The new colors are limited edition and limited quantity and at $6 a pop, they're bound to sell out quickly!  (Don't forget, new customers get $5 off their order when you sign up for their newsletter)

In other beauty launch news, Anastasia Beverly Hills just added several new shades to their lip gloss line today.  The one the internets seem to be going gaga over is a shade called Kristen.  It's nice but nothing I feel like I need to buy at the moment but if you're a fan definitely check it out. 


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