Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It happens in lunchrooms with classmates or co-workers.  While watching athletic competitions on television in mixed company.  Amongst family.  Countless times I've personally observed men and women commenting on the physical appearance of female athletes.  "She looks like a man."  "Look at her ass."  As if she's her abilities are secondary to her aesthetics. 

I remember being in high school I developed way too early and began wearing heavy coats to cover my body because I didn't want the attention or commentary my womanly form might bring.  I can only imagine how much that feeling must be magnified for a female athlete has to get out on the field or court in front of onlookers who are judging her body or picking her apart when she just wants to play the game. 

It's not ok.  Especially when the media is perpetuating the negative commentary which seems to desensitize the masses and make it feel okay to talk about women in this way.  I stand with Dove in their #mybeautymysay campaign to change the way female athletes are depicted and discussed in the media.  Hopefully it will impact the way the rest of the world views female athletes so we can focus on their abilities.  Not their appearance. 

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