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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mauve/Dusty Rose/Soft Begonia

Victoria's Secret Pink calls it Soft Begonia
I've always loved pink but I could never get away with wearing it- it just doesn't seem to compliment my skin tone or whatever.  However, sometime last year Victoria's Secret released several items from their Pink line in a color they called "Soft Begonia."  I tried on a high neck tank in this hue and to my delight it looked great on me!  So I bought a racer back and then a tee in that color.  Whatever I could find!  

Adidas calls it Raw Pink
Since discovering soft begonia I've gone off in search footwear and accessories to match but had a hard time defining the search terms because, though the color is the same, different brands have given it different names.  Superga calls it dusty rose.  Forever 21 calls it mauve.  Adidas calls it raw pink. 

Forever 21 calls it Mauve
Whatever the heck it is, I'm obsessed.  It's feminine without being overly soft or an  obnoxious neon.  Dare I say it's a more sophisticated pink?  It is, in my opinion, the perfect shade of pink and it is taking over my closet!  No really.  I have a problem.
Superga calls it "Dusty Rose"


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