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Friday, August 12, 2016

A Toast 2 Artistry

It's Friday night and you need to let your hair down after a hectic work week.  You want to hang out with the girls but you've outgrown the club scene and dinner's been done.  What do you do?  If you're me you seek out something a bit outside the box which is how I ended up at A Toast 2 Artistry in Los Angeles tonight for some wine and painting with a great group of ladies. 

The art studio is a cozy little creative space that still offers plenty of room to move about and do your thing.  Our artist, Nick, patiently guided us from a blank canvas to our own individual works of art, checking in to see if we needed assistance between instructions.  I did.  I sooooo did.  I was worried I was just going to end up with a stick figure splashed with blobs of paint but I am really happy with what unfolded and it's awesome to see how everyone adds their own touch to the night's painting. 

Prices vary based on the painting of the evening and the paintings change from night to night (see the calendar at atoast2artistry.bigcartel.com) but this one was $35 and included paint, canvas, smocks and brushes- all the tools needed to achieve your masterpiece.  The wine, however, is BYOB.  Brink what you like to get your creative juices flowing.  We sipped on San Antonio Winery's Cardinale sweet red wine. (Fun fact: the winery is located just two miles from the studio so you could really make a night of it- do dinner at Maddalena Restaurant, grab a bottle or two, then head to the studio).


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