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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lululemon Summer Workout Festival

You ever feel like you need a new workout plan?  It could be that your plan to get your body beach body ready by summer fell through or perhaps you've gotten bored with your regular workout.  Whatever the case may be, it's good to try something new every now and then which is how I found myself at the Americana at Brand once again...

On Sunday, Lulelemon Athletica hosted a day-long Summer Workout Festival on the green at the Americana featuring 12 different classes to shake up your routine.  Among the offerings were yoga, dance, Crossfit and bootcamp, all of which were free to register for and attend.  We started our morning out with Crossfit with Tro from Jewel City Crossfit which is something I've always wanted to try.  The highlight of the class was a cardio session where our instructor played Roxanne by the Police while the class did jumping jacks.  Every time Sting sang the name Roxanne we had to do a burpee.  Good times! 
We didn't have anything scheduled for the eleven o'clock hour (Fit Mix Pilates and Accent Latin Dance had sold out before we had a change to register) so we took a much deserved break and enjoyed the complimentary goodies provided by Pressed Juicery, Coffee Bean and Neuro Functional Beverages.  We were sufficiently hydrated and ready to go by noon's Speedplay Conditioning class with Xavier from Speedplay LA.  This class moved quickly but it was as fun as it was challenging while still easy to catch on (as you can see I brought my 10 year old along and he had no trouble).  This was my first experience using a Bosu Balance Trainer and I liked it enough that I'd like to invest in one for home use.  Xavier was very motivating, not allowing anyone to quit but encouraged participants to use modifications when necessary.  I'd definitely like to take a Speedplay class again!

Our last class for the day was the GiveStrength H.I.I.T. Bootcamp with Steph and Brad.  I have to be honest- I was pretty beat by the time this class started and I didn't make it all the way through.  However, there was plenty to do outside of the various classes offered.  While our workout, Maya, soldiered through bootcamp, Kadir and I wandered over to the Whole Foods booth for frozen fruit bars and played a game of ladder golf.  A few more classes followed before the event culminated with a biergarten on the lawn.  A well-earned reward for a day of fit fun!


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