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Friday, September 25, 2015

What I'm Bzzing

I'm pretty picky about my personal care and beauty products but I'll try anything once.  Well, almost anything. I have my limits.  Recently, Bzzagent sent me a sample Secret Clinical Strength to try.  I requested the invisible solid because I'm not a fan of gels.  My first take- it does have a really fresh scent that I liked a lot so I wasn't instantly turned off by it and that's always a good thing.  It goes on fine- nothing special or memorable about the application.  No notice of residue which is also good. 

So it smells nice and it didn't leave it's mark in any unsightly way but what I really care about when it comes to deodorant is performance where it counts.  The first test was my average day starting with a 30-45 minute 11 mile commute through L.A. traffic.  By the time I get to work sometimes I need to reapply antiperspirant but I still felt pretty fresh with Secret Clinical Strength so it was doing it's job.  I should also add that this week was one of the hottest weeks of the summer even in the morning so it gets extra points for that. 

A better indicator of how well this product works is whether it can hold it's own after my rigorous two-hour boxing class (shoutout to Burbank Boxing Club!!).  We're talking wall sits, burpees, shadowboxing, jump roping, crunches, etc and I can honestly say that I felt a lot less gross than when I use my regular deodorant.

Mind you, this is not an ad, but my personal review of the product I was sent.  I generally post about things I either love or hate and when I dislike something I try to take it up with the company that provided the product first rather than put them on blast unfairly.  This one goes into my "love it" file.  I was sent a little trial size of the product but I will be buying the full sized version as soon as it runs out. 


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