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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting

Birthday Cake from Porto's, Burbank
I'm always trying to find unique ideas for my children's birthday parties.  Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives and hopefully tell their kids about.  I've done tea parties, a super hero parties, a Walking Dead scavenger hunt party, a 1950's sock hop- you name it.  This year, when as my youngest son's 10th birthday rolled around, he expressed interest in big boy stuff.  Stuff with wheels.  Things that went fast.  So, logically I turned to our local indoor go cart race track, Racer's Edge, in Burbank, CA.  
Pizza from Big Mama's & Papa's
They offered everything we needed for a small party of ten highly energetic boys for a base price of $295 which included a total of 10 races, soda, snacks, a hostess and medals for our racers.    In addition to the go carts, there were plenty of arcade games to keep our son and his friends entertained in between races, quite a few backdrops and props for the obligatory photo ops and mass quantities of pizza kept our partiers happy for nearly three hours (we paid an extra $50 for two massive pizzas from Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria that an entire room full of growing boys and parents couldn't finish).  

The real shining star was our party host, Alisha.  She maintained constant contact with my husband and I to keep the flow of the party going.  When a slight problem arose with our location she quickly found a solution so no one even noticed the issue. She was consistently friendly and helpful from the time we entered to the time we left and overall went the extra mile to ensure we had an awesome experience and we did!


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