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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Message to Readers

I’ve posted a couple of lipstick reviews since re-launching and I thought it would be worth mentioning here that although I’m 34, I’m a baby in the make up game. I have never been able to get past the way my skin has a tendency to react to make up so I pretty much steered clear of it my whole life. I definitely feel like I missed out on something while my friends were spending hours in the make up mirror or hanging out at the MAC counter, but it’s never too late to learn. I’m making it my mission to find the perfect one-step foundation (if such a thing exists), learn the art of contouring and perfect the smoky eye (because in the past it’s looked more like I have a black eye and that isn’t lovely). More importantly, though, I need to learn how to make my adult acne-prone skin behave!

Look forward to more make up reviews and just know that I’m winging it so it’ll be trial and error. I welcome and encourage constructive criticism, tips and suggestions so please have at it. You’ll have to pardon me if I get over enthusiastic about product. You’ve been warned.


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