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Monday, February 25, 2019


Being that I’m a sucker for all things new and shiny objects, I tend to get seduced by new flavors of things I’ve long known I should not be eating. Still, I remain intrigued . The title of this post refers to a side project where I sought out all manner of sugary delights and other guilty pleasures in the form of an Instagram page called- yeah- Daily Fatassery. It’s been a while, but there are some new goodies on the horizon that I’m intrigued by. Such as...

My favorite show and my favorite cookie had a baby! In advance of Game of Thrones’ final season (April 14th), Oreo’s packaging got a very cool new makeover, donning the names of the houses vying for the iron throne. The series has also recently collaborated with Johnny Walker and has an upcoming collection with Urban Decay cosmetics. 

Now that we’re sufficiently down the rabbit hole, let’s delve a bit deeper. And speaking of rabbits, I've always felt that the best seasonal candy is Easter candy. Let’s argue. Anywho... I’ve never seen this variety of Branch’s Jelly Bird Eggs. I hear that Purple Rain has been found at CVS drugstores. I’ll be checking...

Sticking with Easter candy, Peeps has brought back the Root Beet Float but this year it’s exclusively at Ralph’s and Kroger brand stores. There’s also a Pancake flavor floating around. 

More Easter candy? Sure thing. Dove’s got you covered with White Chocolate Carrot Cake Promises filled with graham flavored crisps. Dove is always a win. 



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