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Monday, March 19, 2018

Festival Glamping at Base Camp in Indio

Hitting the Coachella music festival ranks pretty high on my bucket list.  Every year I plan to go and every year, for one reason or another, I miss out.  But I'm left with lingering fantasies of lounging around in the desert while being serenaded by my favorite bands, old and new.  I can only imagine how incredible the vibe really is in person.  Don't cry for me.  I'll make it one day...

For those of you lucky enough to score tickets, one important factor in planning for Coachella is determining where to stay.  My thinking is why wouldn't you want your lodging to be as epic as the festival experience?  While some opt to camp onsite, I have this thing about flushing toilets- they're kind of essential.  Along with a few other creature comforts.  
Enter Base Camp:  A luxury glamping experience offering RV, car and Tent camping located just 10 minutes from the festival.  Base Camp takes camping to the next level with top amenities including concierge service, swimming, pop-up restaurants, and cocktail and coffee bars. Base Camp also offers a lakeside lounge, festival transportation, and charging stations. Guests can relax near the sandy beach lagoon, cool off in the swimming pool, and even take a ride in a hot air balloon. Snap a selfie, relax and re-charge your dancing feet (plus cell-phones & lap tops) at the most luxurious camping compound of 2018.
I'll be heading to Base Camp next weekend.  It's as close as I've been to Coachella and I'm stoked!   Stay tuned for a full review! xo
Are you going to Coachella this year?  Share your lodging tips in the comments section below.


  1. This seems a one of a kind base camp. They took camping to a whole new level. Making it a life time experience one must not want to miss.

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