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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale

First let me start by saying wow.  Second, be prepared for spoiler alerts as I briefly share my thoughts on what went down tonight... 
My overall thought about this episode and this half of the season in general is when is Morgan going to get it together?  We were so happy for his return only to be let down by this "I've come to believe that all life is precious" crap.  Geez, even Gabriel stepped up!  Still, even up until the end I was pulling form him and wasn't sure I was on board with Carol when she said she didn't trust him, but I totally get it now.  And I shouldn't have doubted her because if there's one thing we've learned about Carol, especially this season, it's that she is ride or die for her people and she doesn't care what anyone outside of them thinks about it. 
There weren't many notable losses this episode except for Deanna.  Although I liked the character I wasn't terribly sad to see her go and I appreciated the way she held it together and was determined to go out on her terms.  She had a nice run I was a bit surprised to see Meshonne get so emotional over her loss but I'm hopeful that it will buy her more time seeing as she's the most likely to rebuild Alexandria or play a major role in doing so. Then again, you never know with TWD.   
Did you watch?  Share your thoughts on this episode and predictions for what's to come when the season six resumes.  (Who's excited to meet Negan?)


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