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Monday, July 24, 2023

World of Color Dessert Party

My sister and I spent $89 on Disney's California Adventure World of Color One Dessert Party. Was it worth it? It was her birthday and we could think of no better way to celebrate than with a plethora of tasty treats and one truly amazing show. 

We were seated in high top chairs in a spacious viewing area approximately 30 minutes before the show. Each table seats four, so we were paired with two other guests (a lovely couple whose company we enjoyed). Our dessert platters were served almost immediately, each containing a variety of desserts, cheese, and crackers. Also included is a choice of two cocktails, two beers, or two glasses of wine in addition to water, soda, hot chocolate, and coffee. It's important to note that once the show starts they stop serving so our server encouraged us to ensure we had all we needed ahead of time.

World of Color One is incredible and draws a very large standing crowd at each viewing. For me, the $89 was worth the pricetag to have comfortable reserved seating with an unobstructed view. This make a great way to celebrate a special day or to simply treat yourself!


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