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Friday, May 20, 2016

X Men

Marvel is just everything!  I'm not a comic book reader (so my only reference is the previous X-Men movies which I've also loved) but you don't have to be to appreciate just how damned good the movies are in this franchise.  The cast is amazing from James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier to Evan Peters as Quicksilver. 

In this film our villain, Apocolypse (played by Oscar Isaac), thinks himself a deity and goes about enhancing the abilities of mutants in efforts to rise up against humans.  If you know Professor X you know he's not having that and so begins yet another epic battle. 

This movie is a prequel so we get to see some pretty interesting backstories of some of our favorite characters like Storm and Rogue.  And on a personal note, I love seeing a more badass side of Sophie Turner who plays Jean Grey.  It's a nice departure from Sansa Stark.

Without adding any spoilers, there's a big reveal surrounding Quicksilver that I hope we get to explore further in future films.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I recommend seeing the movie in theaters to get the full effect. It's a great ride!


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