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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sugar Rush

Cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, pie and so much.  This past weekend every kind of sweet tooth was satisfied as Sugar Rush attendees sampled the wares of some of the best local bakers and confectioners in the business.  The event took place in Orange County and was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts who was on hand serving up fresh, delicious donuts and coffee.  If you couldn't make it to Costa Mesa, don't worry- I've got you covered with a list of some of the incredible vendors I was introduced to...

From the moment the doors opened Saturday morning, we were blown away by the level of skill these artists displayed.  Our first stop was Albert's Petite Sweets to ogle his spectacular Star Wars themed arrangement.  While there I tried Albert's seasonally appropriate and oh so delicious Apple Pumpkin Spice cake pops.  It did not disappoint!

On the next aisle over, Paige's Cake Pops was serving up a similar confection with an equally unique yet different assortment of designs.  Paige's pops ranged from fun and festive snow globes to cute Christmas trees and their catalog included a whole lot more (they do custom orders if you don't see exactly what you're looking for).  I know, I know- what's a pretty pop if it doesn't taste good?  Well they're very tasty and very moist- just how I like my cake.  These babies would make for great stocking stuffers or office gifts for co-workers. 

At the risk of seeming like I'm playing favorites to cake pops or I have a theme going on here, I'd be remiss if I didn't share my thoughts on Drunken Cake Pops.  They are exactly what they sound like- alcohol infused cake pops that come in fun flavors like Candy Cane Martini, Spiked Apple Cider, Egg Nog and Amaretto Almond.  I tried the Lemon Drop Martini and it was super yummy.  They also make a gluten-free Chocolate Martini if you have dietary restrictions. 
Stuffed Cookies really has fun with their baked goods, self-described as a "modern twist on your favorite classics."  I can attest to that based on my sampling of "Recess," a cookie that is loaded with all sorts of goodness like pretzels, M&Ms, peanut butter and potato chips.  Even if the adult in me wanted to scrunch up my face at the ingredients, it was no match for the kid in me that couldn't wait to get my hands on the very different cookie.  The sweet and salty flavors of the ingredients compliment each other nicely, making for a crave-worthy treat unlike any other.  Some of their other offerings included S'mores, Cereal n' Milk, and Oreo Bday Cake.  If you're looking for something gluten-free, just let them know. They can make any variety with gluten-free ingredients.
Sugar Spin was on hand serving up cookies and cream cotton candy.  Their full menu includes awesome flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Candied Bacon, Pina Colada, and Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Wow! Congratulations to them on winning first and second place at Sugar Rush!
Viva Los Cupcakes puts a fun spin on traditional Mexican favorites with cupcake flavors: Margarita, Tamal con Mole (vegan), Churro con Cajeta and their flavor of the month, Tamal con Atole.  The Tamal con Atole is a sweet corn tamale cake with sweet corn/strawberry porridge buttercream frosting and fun and colorful sprinkles and candy.  It is a must! 
Last but certainly not least is one of my personal favorites (I have a real thing for dark chocolate), Light and Health Desserts out of Irvine. Aside from their treats being ridiculously delicious, their goodies were probably the most guilt-free thing I ate all day.  My favorite item on the menu was the vegan and gluten-free Salted Cashew and Dried Mango French Mendiants you see here.  They use ingredients of the highest quality and subscribe to the whole food philosophy of preparing their gourmet confections so feel free to indulge.  These will make beautiful Christmas gifts that will have recipients wanting more.
These are only a few of the mouthwatering Sugar Rush vendor offerings I sampled over the weekend.  Check out my Instagram for more!


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