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Monday, February 25, 2013

You put what in my what?

When I first laid eyes on Vosges chocolate bars at Whole Foods about two years ago I scrunched up my nose at it. BACON??? In chocolate? Who does that? But for some reason I kept going back. Each time a little less judgemental but still a bit skeptical. A time or two I placed one in my basket only to later think better of it and put it back. Why spend $6.99 on something that may be utterly disgusting? Bacon and chocolate. Pfff!

Then last night I noticed that they had .5 oz bars and I thought to myself, why not? At less than half the price, even if I hate it it’s only a small investment. Aaand it could just be really good...

So this morning I’m sitting at work with a sweet tooth when I remember that the odd confection was still in my bag. I’m always more adventurous at work for some reason. I took just small nibble, you know- just in case. The first thing I noticed is that the bacon is light and crispy and it’s almost like a rice krispies, but it’s much more savory. A perfect combination of sweet and salty (which I happen to love). It’s creamy “deep” milk chocolate and hickory smoked uncured bacon and it’s divine. Literally the best chocolate I’ve had in a long time. No regrets here! And in case you were wondering- there are no nitrates or nitrites in the bacon. Just a little something I look for in my meats...


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