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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Party Time @ Scooter's Jungle

Back in September my youngest turned seven and was insistent that we had his party at Scooter's Jungle in Valencia.  We had been to two other parties there and had a blast on the larger than life inflatable slide and different obstacle courses each time.  We had become fans.  My children love the nonstop fun and I was really impressed with how clean and organized everything was considering the traffic that must go through there.  That alone scored major points with me so I was all in.  The added bonus is how well everyone slept after a day of play there. 

So, we booked the Ultimate Party Room which included a huge inflatable slide, a ball bounce room, ping pong table, air hockey, obstacle courses, and bounce house.  There truly was something for everyone and I was happy to see so many of the parents get in on the fun.  Note: there are optional mats that you can ride down the slide on that will send you flying down.  I don't recommend it for grownups unless you're okay with crashing and burning.  You know the old saying, the bigger they are they harder they fall?  Yeah, well that kind of applies to this scenario as well.  

But the party didn't stop at the play room.  After successfully burning everyone out we were escorted to the party room for pizza and cake.  I suggest bringing your own cake but ordering pizza from the location because if you want to bring in your own, they charge a fee similar to a cake-cutting fee that brings the price up significantly.  They also offer corn dog bites that we did not order but had at other parties. Both are actually pretty good.  You are also allowed to bring in dry snacks like chips or pretzels, fresh fruit and juice boxes- check with the location for details. 

And the staff?  The staff was amazing!  They took care of everything from play time to serving the food so we were able to relax and enjoy the party . They even handled cleanup and gathered all of our presents and leftovers and took them to our car when the party was over.  Shout out to LJ, our party host with the most. He was so awesome. He kept the kids entertained the whole time!

Aside from Valencia, there are Scooter's Jungle locations in Aliso Viejo, El Segundo, Placentia, and Simi Valley, California.  I have only been to the one but I can only imagine the others are equally thorough in providing an awesome birthday or open play experience.  I would absolutely recommend a visit to Scooter's Jungle anytime you feel like monkeying around!  


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