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Friday, March 31, 2017

Poshmark Finds

You know your favorite pair of gladiator stilettos you had that you wore all the time until you lost one of them on a flight to NYC?  Or that slinky LBD you had your eye on but for a couple weeks but by the time you got ready to pull the trigger and buy it it was out of stock in your size everywhere?  You might want to check out Poshmark.

Oh, Poshmark, where have you been all my adult life??  It's like eBay specifically for fashion and I can spend hours perusing the virtual closets of community members.   It started back in January when we had a break in and the thing I was most concerned about losing was my L.A.M.B. Rasta kisslock wallet.  I searched the usual suspects with no success.  My search led me to Poshmark and sure enough some other Posher was willing to part with hers- used but for a fair price.  Win-win.

Since then I visit the site a couple times a day.  I have quite a few examples of instances such as the one I described above.  It's kind of like checking up on old classmates on Facebook.  I'm rediscovering long lost loves through other women's closets!

I have only had one negative experience in which a seller failed to mention a worn out clasp on a clutch, rendering it nonfunctional, therefore unusable.  It was really easy to return it and I got a refund quickly.  So, rest assured you are protected in the rare event anything you buy is not up to snuff.  However, I do recommend asking questions before buying.

Have you been reunited with long lost beloved possessions on Poshmark?  Share in the comments section below.


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