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About Me

What is An L.A. Mama?
I am a freelance journalist and blogger from Los Angeles. I’m also an Army wife and mom of three with a passion for sharing experiences with my readers and followers with the same genuine enthusiasm with which I would relay information to a close girlfriend over a good glass of wine.

Why use An L.A. Mama??
I love to share. In An L.A. Mama, my goal is to connect with other women by sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a working mother in Los Angeles while trying to create memorable moments for my children and still finding time for myself when I can. I’m always in search of a new travel destination for school breaks, fun family events and activities, and products that help my life run a bit more efficiently. Whenever I find them, I’m eager to spread the word!

Good things come in small packages…               
Initially, tapping a micro-influencer for your marketing promotion may seem counterintuitive. While my numbers are still small, they continue to grow as I work to identify new ways to connect and collaborate with products and services that my family and I genuinely love because I know that my readers will too. The result is your campaign will reach an audience that is naturally attracted to your brand and, in addition, my services will expand reach to a demographic that may not yet familiar with your brand. Let’s collaborate!


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